Best way to call Cuba from the US

Best way to call Cuba from the US

Despite the reopening of the US embassy in Havana and continuing trade negotiations between the two countries, making calls to Cuba continues to be an expensive task.   There is an abundance of options on the market, making the job of finding the best one a potential minefield.  Comparing rates, looking at terms and conditions, finding the best deals…. it all takes time.  So here’s a breakdown of what you can expect so you are pre-armed to find the best deal most suitable for you.

Major Telephone Carriers

Large fees and tariffs have long been associated with making international phone calls to Cuba.  So, while you can call using your landline or mobile/cell operator, you should expect to pay a hefty fee for the privilege.  Here are just a few of the many available plans for calling Cuba. 

AT&T. Calls to Cuba across different plans average at 91 cents per minute in addition to your regular phone bill. So if you spent just 50 minutes a month on the phone to Cuba, that would cost you $45.50.

Verizon. Calls across different plans average at around are $1.90 per minute. If you spent 50 minutes a month on the phone to Cuba, that would cost you either $65 to $90 depending on the plan.

Sprint. Calls to Cuba average at $2.67 per minute, although again there are monthly plans (with an additional fee) to bring this cost per-minute down.

If a traditional carrier is your preferred method then be sure to check with your operator for the best deal available.  Nonetheless, calling apps would seem the way to go….

Calling Apps

Skype. You can purchase Skype Credit and pay $1.15 cents per minute for calls to Cuba plus an 8.9 cent connection fee for each call.

Google Voice. This service charges around 98 cents per minute to call Cuba, (some users have reported connection problems). Check latest deals for the current best price.

Rebtel. Rebtel offers huge savings on rates to Cuba with base rates below 60 cents per minute and regular saver deals for frequent users.  It’s considered by many to be the cheapest, easiest option for staying in touch with loved ones in Cuba.