How to make an international call from the UK?

How to make an international call from the UK?

Are you in any doubt as to what is the best and cheapest way to make an international call from the UK? Are you of the school of thought that you may get a better deal using your landline? Do you feel your mobile service provider offers the best value? Or is an international calling card the best option?

Here well look at the validity of each claim and give some advice on the options available.

Your landline provider

Leading telecoms companies in the UK are battling back against the smartphone market and offering customers the chance to make an unlimited number of international calls for a flat fee per month. This fee depends on where you wish to call so be sure to check with your provider for the options available to you.

Your mobile phone provider

Pay-per-use calls remain extremely high so this is really not recommended for users looking to make frequent calls abroad.  Again, a little planning goes a long way here.  Contacting your contract provider and finding what’s available will bring you better options in terms of keeping costs down.

International Calling Cards

With so many international calling cards available it can be tough to identify the best deal for your situation.  Again, research is paramount.  So many rogue companies mean that a strong online community can be your savior in terms of reviews

Smartphone Apps and Rebtel

As the telecommunications market continues to thrive we are seeing smartphone apps take the reins.  The use of digital instead of satellite technology means that prices are kept low and quality remains high.  And with a competitive App market out there, users are benefiting from some really great options.

Rebtel are one of the market leaders here with guaranteed low rates for worldwide telecommunication. The transparency of service and high call quality means that they are a user favourite, with fantastic deals available for worldwide calls to popular destinations in Africa, Asia and more.