Making the Most of Your Sprint International Calling Subscription

Making the Most of Your Sprint International Calling Subscription

If you want to take advantage of Sprint international calling, the first thing you have to do is activate that option on your phone. To prevent international calls from being made accidentally, Sprint doesn’t automatically have the option to make such calls available.

Activating Sprint International Calling

To use your phone internationally, you must have international service enabled. This is easy enough to accomplish - just contact Sprint Worldwide Care by chat , email or by calling 1-888-226-7212 (press option 2). There is no charge for this activation.

Once you have international calling activated, you can make calls by dialing the country code followed by the phone number. Standard rates will apply, with the per-minute charge varying from country to country.  What should be noted here is that without a special plan, calls are going to cost you significantly more money.  All operators, not just Sprint, have this kind of stance, whereby you save on calls per minute by subscribing to a monthly plan.  For example, let’s take a look at some average call costs over the past couple of years:

Average Call Costs without a Monthly Plan

Cuba: $2.75 per minute

Bangladesh: $4.10 per minute

Ethiopia $3.35 per minute

Average Call Costs with a Monthly Plan

By subscribing to one of their various monthly plans, calls can reduce to figures around:

Cuba: $1.10 per minute

Bangladesh: $0.55 per minute

Ethiopia $0.99 per minute

 So What Types of Monthly Plan Exist?

Sprint aren’t alone in their stance here, with packages regularly being tweaked and rebranded as the top competitors jostle for position in the market.   For example there are specific plans for certain countries, like a $5 monthly fee for reduced tariffs on calls to Mexico, whilst there are also more expansive plans like a $15 monthly fee to allow for cheaper calls to a wider range of countries.  Similarly, there are options that allow you to use the available minutes of your regular calling plan in exchange for an additional monthly purchase.

So the options really are quite broad for you.  As such the bottom line is that you really need to do your research at the time of asking.  Contact each of the available operators to see which has the best deal for you.  And don’t be afraid to negotiate your rate at regular intervals!

Save Even More on Sprint International Calling With Rebtel

Using an international calling app like Rebtel not only makes things less expensive, but it can simplify matters for you too. The app can be used on your Sprint phone using your Sprint minutes but without paying the high rates Sprint charges for international calls and without committing to a monthly plan. Rebtel will also itemize every international call you make with an exact breakdown of what the calls cost.  So you get a complete overview and sense of control over your outgoings.

With Rebtel, international call prices are plummeting.  You can see some comparisons below or check out more information here.

Cuba: $0.59 per minute

Bangladesh: $0.04 per minute

Ethiopia: $0.18 per minute

By making Rebtel calls you save even more as your cellular data plan will not be affected by calls made.

Sprint international calling doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep your Sprint phone and calling plan, but use Rebtel to make all of your international calls. You’ll soon start to see real savings add up from the outset which can run into hundreds of dollars annually.