Calling Cards to call abroad: how do is work?

Calling Cards to call abroad: how do is work?

International calling cards remain a common way for people to stay in touch with friends and family abroad, however the boom in smartphone technology is really challenging this market.  The pains and frustrations of hidden costs, bad connections and poor support services are hopefully therefore a thing of the past, with fresh competition from the burgeoning App market really revolutionizing the way we stay connected. 

International Calling Cards Explained

Regardless of the abundance of calling apps available, statistics show that around 6.2 billion international calls are made on average per year with international calling cards make up almost half of this amount.

Mass immigration and the opening of international borders means that there is an ever growing need to stay in touch across long distances, and calling cards have traditionally dominated this market.

Unfortunately, calling cards can be rife with problems, some it’s vital to be aware of the fine print as hidden rates and charges can quickly eat into your credit.  Here are some of the common causes for complaint:

- Access numbers and/or PINs don’t work

- Service or access numbers are frequently busy

- Card issuers go out of business, making outstanding cards useless

- Actual rates are higher than the advertised rates

- Surprise “post-call,” “per-call,” or “maintenance” fees apply

- Charges take effect even for calls that do not go through

- Poor quality connections or dropped calls are frequent

- Cards expire quickly

- Daily access charges apply.

 Fortunately the online community can provide something of a safety net for you here, helping you to avoid charlatan services and fraudulent practices. By undertaking just a little research you can protect yourself from the rogue companies out there and ensure you are getting the best possible value for money.  Part of this research really should be looking into your alternatives….

Your Online Alternative to International Calling Cards

A cheaper and easier alternative to traditional international calling cards is an online international calling service like Rebtel, Aitelephone, Buzport or United World Telecom. All of these services allow international calls to be made cheaply, with services far more transparent then the dreaded calling card.

Of the four, Rebtel is the optimal choice in many cases. They offer a premium quality calling service whereby the installation of an app will import your contacts from your local address book and you are provided with local phone numbers to make calls to your international contacts. Prices are some of the lowest in the market so you can make a long distance phone call to anyone, regardless of their location and all at the modest price of a local call.