Verizon International Calling Card vs. Rebtel International Calling Options

Verizon International Calling Card vs. Rebtel International Calling Options

Have you been using Verizon international calling cards? The market for international telecommunication is in rapid development thanks to the boom in smartphone/tablet technology (and the Apps that come with it) and as a result prices are going down with functionality on the rise.  As such it might be time to take a look at how much you are really paying for international calls and consider another option.

Many customers of traditional carries have a range of services with the same company.  This “bundling” of services has become synonymous with saving money, but the notion is sometimes misleading.  As the market continues to develop it would seem foolhardy to let possible savings and service improvements simply pass you by.

Here’s some info about the pros and cons of Verizon and a competitor from the App world, Rebtel:

The Verizon InPulse prepaid card is one of the most common. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this card:


- Instead of dialing a 1-800 number, you can simply dial #729 (#PAY) from your cell phone and then the number you are trying to reach plus your PIN and card #.

- INpulse plans track how much you talk during one day to generate charges.

- Calling other Verizon phones doesn’t use your minutes.

- Domestic long distance is included.


- Standard Verizon international rates apply (for example, calls to Cuba remain around 2 dollars per minute).

- A daily access fee of 99 cents per day applies for every day you use the card. If you make frequent international calls then your available credit quickly disappears. 

The Verizon International Flat Rate card is another option from the same provider.


- Allows access to Flat Plan international rates (for example, calls to Cuba are around $1.19 per minute).

- No extra daily fees.


- Only available in $10 increments.

- Not readily available, in other words they can be hard to find and purchase (Best Buy seems to be the only retailer).

Using a VoIP service like Rebtel to call internationally.


- Super low rates (for example, calls to Cuba are around 60 cents per minute).

- Easy access, no pin numbers and an intuitive service.

- No hidden or “extra” fees.

- Works on virtually any device with helpful customer support when needed.


- This does require internet connection so if Wi-Fi is not available it will use your data plan (free minutes) or alternatively 3G connection.

Overall, Rebtel is the better choice for those who make international calls with regularity. The cost per minute to nearly 200 countries is in almost every case lower than even Verizon’s discounted rates, and call quality is generally better as well than when using a calling card. There are no surprise fees or charges, and it’s easy to add credit to your account via a credit card, PayPal, or auto-recharge.