Top Android apps for making calls to India

Top Android apps for making calls to India

If you are searching for an Android app for calling India there are many different choices available. As the number of smartphones and tablets has grown rapidly over the last few years, so has the number of companies who are developing apps for them. Of course, communications technology is at the heart of both devices, so it is perhaps unsurprising that there are so many choices available.

Choice is always good for the consumer, helping to drive prices down, but with so many different apps and services to choose from it can be difficult getting the right one for you and your device. You also need to bear in mind who it is you are wishing to contact.  For example, your friendship circles in Europe may be used to entirely different ways of communicating, with certain providers, than your relatives back in India.  It’s also worth considering generation differences.  Do great aunties and uncles, grandmas and grandpas back home have access to a smartphone or tablet?  If not it’s worth looking into the cheapest ways of communicating from smartphone (you) to normal mobile/cell phone or landline (your relatives).

So below we have outlined six of the more popular android apps for making calls to India, together with some of the positives and negatives of each service, covering different ways of communication to hopefully provide options for everyone out there.


 + Low rates and over 20m users worldwide making them the second biggest provider in the world. Crystal clear quality from all over the globe whether you are connected via internet or via a local call.  One great feature is that your contacts are given a local phone number for your use.  Therefore, your friends and family are available back in India based on your local rates. There are a number of great packages available to suit users with different volume demands. You can check more info about their Android App here

- The previous app was criticized for lacking intuition but the latest release has been met with mass approval among users.

Lyca Talk

 + Lycatalk is a high quality long distance pin less service which can be used from your existing phone numbers. 

- There is an ‘autodebit’ feature which can accrue unwanted hidden costs to the service.  

Mobile VoIP

+ If you have a fast connection, Mobile VoIP works very well, especially when used over WiFi. Calling costs are relatively cheap and setting up an account with them is easy

- The Android App is not yet compatible with all Bluetooth devices. Many users have also reported that the sound quality can be poor and that the service can disconnect mid-call. 

Foo Call

+ You can call from anywhere at any time even without an Internet connection. Prices for some destinations are very competitive.

- Rates are variable with some being relatively cheap, but calls for other countries much more expensive than competitors. Call quality has also been an issue for some customers, as has the reliability of their software.


+ Skype are the biggest VoIP company in the world and previously criticized call quality is ever improving. Software is easy to use and their webcam service is also very good. The ability to send pictures and texts to contacts is also an advantage.

- Unless you are prepared to pay a subscription fee each month, Skype’s rates can be relatively high. There are also connection fees to many locations and problems with apps crashing remain.

As you can see, there are many choices to call India cheaply.  As indicated previously in this article there are varying pros and cons depending on your location and the setup of who you are looking to call.  Some services, like Rebtel, provide a free test call which can be a great way of piloting a service before investing further time and money in your endeavours.