Best Calling Card Apps for iPhone

Best Calling Card Apps for iPhone

Other articles suggest that Calling Cards may not be the most cost-effective way to proceed when making international calls, but there remains a large market for them and if this has been your preferred tried and tested method then you might find that a calling card app for your iPhone can be useful. A variety of iPhone applications can either help to store and organize the information on your calling cards, or even replace your traditional calling cards by offering the same functionality. Figure out the best calling card apps for your iPhone by examining the features and costs of some popular calling card apps.

Organize your Phone Cards with Calling Card Apps for iPhone

There are a number of iPhone apps are developed to help users organize their calling card information. So instead of carrying around a bunch of cards and a list of PIN codes, you can store that information on an iPhone app so that it's always at your fingertips.

One popular calling card app for iPhone is simply named Calling Card Organizer. This app is available for $4.99 in the App Store and provides you with a way to input calling card information as well as PINs and passwords. You can also associate certain contacts with certain phone cards and let the app keep track of which card needs to be used when you call a certain contact. The app manages a lot of the fiddly number punching for you by taking care of gateway numbers and pins.

Another option is World Access Auto-Dialer, which is an iPhone app created by The app automates dialing of local access numbers without having to enter card numbers or PINs. World Access does not allow you to use Wi-Fi to make calls, however, and using the app requires purchasing a compatible card from

We’ve mentioned just a couple of options from an expanding market so if such an app seems to be your preferred method for international calling then you are encouraged to do a little research by using your preferred search engine.  Many apps come and go without regular bug fixes or development updates so a quick web search can help ensure you use the one that’s top of the pops.

Replace your Traditional Calling Cards with Calling Card Apps for iPhone

If you're ready to ditch your old calling cards for good, you can choose from a variety of apps that are meant to be used in place of a traditional calling card. These apps allow you to purchase plans or minutes online or through the app, rather than buying individual phone cards.

TEL3 is a service that functions as an online calling card, allowing you to make domestic and international calls at a reasonable per-minute rate. A free TEL3 app is available in both the App Store and Google Play (for iPhone-iOs and Android users).  Rates vary depending on how you top up, with the extra bonuses available for a $100 top-up and incrementally less so as top-up amounts decrease.

Pennytalk is another online calling card service, predominantly targeted at users in the US.  Apps are available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices and allow you to call either from an in-app dial pad or from your phone's contact list. Rates are generally competitive but vary massively depending on location and are subject to changes across the board without notice.

Using Rebtel Instead of a Calling Card App for iPhone

Rebtel is another alternative to calling cards, offering low rates for worldwide telecommunication.  The transparency of service and high call quality means that they are now one of the market leaders.  Here are some of the reasons why:

- Regardless of where your friends and relatives are, Rebtel’s service provides you with local domestic phone numbers for calling.  You simply register contacts in your user account and the local number is instantly provided, guaranteeing huge savings.

 - The Rebtel app is available on Windows, iPhone and Android phones and accesses your phone’s contacts list to keep things easy. The great thing is that you can stay in touch with anyone, anywhere, regardless of whether the call recipient has a smartphone, traditional mobile/cellphone or landline.

- Rebtel rates can save up to 98% compared to traditional calling cards and other international calling plans. Better still there are no hidden charges, connect fees our ‘rounding up’ of minutes.  It’s a simple pay per use model.

You can download the Rebtel app to optimize value when placing long-distance calls to family and friends, without the inconvenience or restrictions of fixed subscriptions.