Smartphone Apps for International Calling

Smartphone Apps for International Calling

So your shiny new smartphone glistens gleefully in your hand and the opportunities seem endless!  Whether you’ve chosen an iPhone, an Android or perhaps a Windows based device, there is an app market out there just waiting to jump at you.  Apps here, apps there, apps absolutely everywhere!  And the great news for those of us who need to make regular long distance phone calls is that the app market contains heaps of great choices to keep functionality high and cost low.

iPhone Calling Apps for International Calls

As an iPhone user you’ll probably be shopping for your international calling apps in an “Apple“ frame of mind. You can find all kinds of apps that allow for calls to be made and received on a 3G or 4G network, or fall back on Wi-Fi for even cheaper calls. Some even provide free app-to-app calls (for contacts who have the same app), while others let you to receive VoIP calls even if the app isn’t open or running.

Check out the iTunes App Store to optimize your international calling options and make your calling activity much less expensive across the board, especially for calls to countries with traditionally exorbitant connection and calling fees. The reviews/feedback community within the App Store can give you a great place to start accumulating knowledge.

Android Calling Apps for International Calls

For Android users, even more apps are available for international calls. You can call landlines, other mobile/cell phones, connect to SIP providers, send messages, and receive notifications in real time. You can also make and receive calls in HD quality, and even take advantage of video calls or group calls.

International calling rates when using Android calling apps can reduce your per minute charges and help you avoid the hidden fees associated with pre-paid calling cards and traditional international calling plans. The Google Play store is your place to read about and download an app to get started on low cost international calling (scroll down to check out some recommendations) with its’ community feedback once again providing a great base for research on what’s best for you.

Windows based phones

Windows were a little later to the market than the above mentioned big-guns but that doesn’t mean to say that the Microsoft Store isn’t quickly being populated with some great apps for international calling.  As mentioned above, some of the apps come with great features including free app-to-app calls.

Free app-to-app calls are even available between devices, so a user on Windows can make a free call to a user on Android, provided they have the same app installed.

Some recommendations

Across the board, there are some great options out there and it really comes down to your own personal needs and doing a little research.  The telecommunications market continues to develop rapidly and with it come frequent new entrees to the list of international calling apps.  The great thing here is that this fierce competition drives quality up and price down.  As a result, the major players in the market continue to be a solid bet.  Be sure to check out Skype, Rebtel, Fring and Viber among others.