How to call with Rebtel from “non-Rebtel countries”

How to call with Rebtel from “non-Rebtel countries”

Until a few years ago Rebtel’s 20 million users could only use the service from official Rebtel countries.  These are the countries where local phone numbers are available when using the service. Now, however, with new apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows smartphones, it is possible to call from anywhere in the world.  All you need is an internet connection!

Using Rebtel with Local Numbers

In more than 50 countries (with the numbers ever-expanding), you can use Rebtel's ‘local numbers’ feature to call your loved ones abroad.  Here’s how it works:

-       You are given a specific local phone number for every registered contact.

-       You have 3 options to call any of your contacts; Wi-Fi, 3G or Local Number. 

-       By choosing ‘Local Number’ you are choosing to use your local operator for the call.  Rebtel do the ‘international part’ of the call over the internet.  So you are simply making a local call to an international contact.

Of course, your international contacts can sign up for the same service and get a local number to call you too.  And, as mentioned above, you can even switch to a Wi-Fi or 3G call in order to suit your preferences/needs.

How to Call Using Rebtel from Anywhere in the World

So what about users in those countries outside of the Rebtel list? Remember, the local numbers feature is just one of 3 ways of making a call, with the other 2 being via Wi-Fi or 3G. So, in order to use Rebtel you simply need to use any device with an internet connection!

Rebtel supports Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and Windows devices.

So if you are travelling abroad, disable the data connection on your tablet/smartphone and use Wi-Fi to easily make calls using the Rebtel app without running up costly roaming data charges.

There’s no need for extra contact lists; these new improved apps integrate seamlessly with your phone’s existing lists and make calling friends and family from abroad even easier. So regardless of where in the world you are based you have the option to join the Rebtel way of staying in touch, benefiting from great calling services at some the cheapest rates around.