How to make an international call from your iPhone

How to make an international call from your iPhone

Did you know that making an international call from your iPhone with Rebtel is incredibly simple? There are no security codes to learn and input, no extra numbers to dial and no poor quality connection lines. Simply follow the steps outlined below to enjoy high quality, reliable communications with your loved ones with Rebtel!

Step One: Download the iPhone App from Apple AppStore!

If you are a new customer seeking cheaper international calls on your iPhone then the first thing you need to do is register your account with Rebtel. Use your iPhone to visit and click on the link that downloads the Rebtel iPhone app onto your smartphone or search for Rebtel in Apple AppStore. Within minutes, you’ll not only be the newest Rebtel customer getting the cheapest international call rates possible, you will also get your first call free too!

Step Two: Select the person you want to call

From your contacts list on your iPhone, select the number of the person that you want to contact. Then wait for the magic to happen!

Step Three: You’re connected!

Your iPhone app then whirrs into action, it locates where the person you want to contact is in the world and automatically creates a local number to connect to. Not only does it do this, but it stores the specially generated number on your iPhone, so that next time you call you can just click on the number and begin talking even more quickly!

Best of all, the number that is generated for your contact can be used, not just from your iPhone but from any phone, located anywhere in the world!

The iPhone app from Rebtel does all of the hard work for you, all you need to do is ensure that your contact details are in the iPhone ready for the Rebtel app to use and you can be enjoying top quality, low cost international calls to friends or loved ones with Rebtel within seconds!

And you can send international SMS too!

It is also worth remembering that Rebtel not only offer a simple to use, cheap international call service for your iPhone, but in addition, a high quality international SMS service too!

Sometimes, sending a text is easier and quicker than calling a friend and the international SMS system on iPhone works in a very similar way to the calling service. Simply select your contact, enter your text and the iPhone app will create, or use an existing, local number to deliver your text message to!

Best of all, with Rebtel you only pay their low cost international SMS charge and not a penny to your network provider, saving even more money.

Using your iPhone to call or send text messages internationally is now easier and cheaper than ever before, thanks to Rebtel!