Computer Texting Apps

Computer Texting Apps

As your phone battery struggles to hang on for life, just at that point where you’re frantically engaging in a heated text debate, it’s nice to be able to take a break from furiously stabbing at tiny buttons and cursing that wretched auto-correct. Gone are the days of MSN Messenger as we readjust our focus to smartphone and tablet technology, with widespread use of Facebook and WhatsApp for our communicative needs.  However, there remains a need for other kinds of computer texting apps, especially if you wish to contact people via a ‘normal’ SMS/text message, without them needing an app to receive your message.

So here are a few of the top choices around:

Computer Texting Apps

MightyText is a popular app that syncs your PC with your Android phone. Install the app, synch your phone, and start texting. It uses your existing Android phone number and actually routes the texts through your phone, so you will be charged whatever your carrier charges for texts.

BrowserTexting also uses a PC application to send texts through a synched Android or iPhone. With this app, you can send and receive SMS text messages directly in the browser, send group SMS, and enjoy support for up to 3 browsers with desktop and sound notifications. Again, your carrier charges apply.

EasySMS is a paid for app that costs just under $3 to download and allows you to read and write texts via Wifi, USB or Bluetooth through a web interface. As always, synching your phone is required and you’ll have your standard carrier charges.

Advantages of a Computer Texting Program

Using a computer texting program to send texts from PC to phone makes life easier. When you are at your desk and need to text a friend, just open your app and type your message using your standard keyboard. The text will appear as if it is coming from your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or other Smartphone or text enabled phone, and you never have to rummage around for your mobile/cell phone just to send a text/SMS again. A computer texting app takes all the hassle out of texting and makes it simple!