How to Call Cuba from your PC

How to Call Cuba from your PC

Calling Cuba from your PC is an option to consider if you need to stay in contact with friends and family and keep things cheap. Making calls from your PC can be less expensive than going through a carrier or using a phone card, and all you need is your home computer – no landline or mobile phone is required. Although calling Cuba is notoriously expensive, examining the available options can help you save money and hassle when choosing an application that can make PC-to-phone calls to Cuba.

Using a Desktop Application to Call Cuba from your PC

If you'd like to use your PC to make a call to Cuba, the first step is picking a program. The most popular options are VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services that allow you to call from PC-to-phone or from PC-to-PC. Learn the features and the rates of different desktop programs to choose the best route when making calls to Cuba.

Of all the VoIP providers, Skype is the most renowned. The program allows PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone calling, as well as SMS and video chat services. Unfortunately, you're looking at pretty high rates if you want to call Cuba with fees upwards of $1.15 per minute (not including connection fees).

Google Voice is another VoIP service that has earned some recognition over recent years, especially with its’ prominence in the US market. While the service does not have a native desktop client, it can be accessed easily in your browser. You can download a third party client like GVNotifier, or even get the official Google Voice Chrome extension with the Chrome Web Browser. Still, a phone call to Cuba from your PC will cost approximately 98 cents per minute.