Making Online Phone Calls

Making Online Phone Calls

Skype is one of the most popular applications for making online calls. It’s a VOIP software that allows you to make calls to mobiles, landlines and other PCs by using your computer as a phone (you’ll need speakers and a microphone or a good headset.) Skype can also provide you with an online number (at a cost) so anyone can call you from their mobile or landline, which allows you to answer using Skype, no matter where you are, or allow the call to go to voicemail (so you can listen in later). Google Voice is another software for making online phone calls; you can dial using a keypad right from Google Chat, and quickly connect to the person you need to speak to.

Making Online Phone Calls with Smartphone Apps

Skype and Google Voice are also available as an app for smartphones, although in most cases carriers make sure that callers still use minutes on your phone even though they are getting around paying the carrier’s international rates. Vonage also has an app for making online calls. The best way to use these kinds of apps for making online phone calls from a smartphone is to double check the call plan and make sure you don’t run up too many minutes using the app. Often, calls made from one user to another are ‘free’ but carrier charges still apply and minutes can be deducted from a plan.

Making Online Phone Calls with Rebtel

Rebtel is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to make online phone calls. It’s simple to sign up - just add a phone number and install the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Rebtel also allows users to make phone calls to any mobile or landline for extremely cheap per minute charges; up to 40% less than Skype’s rates and 95% less than traditional phone carriers. Texts /SMS are cheaper too - the PC app offers incredibly cheap international SMS to more than 200 countries for rates up to 60% less than regular texting services.

Managing records of online phone calls and contact lists is stress free with Rebtel and the transparency of service is a huge plus over traditional ways of calling abroad.

Making online phone calls shouldn’t be a hassle. With Rebtel, online calls can be made anywhere, anytime at some of the best rates around.