Send a Bundle for AU$5.49

14GB all networks + 70min + 80SMS


Your bundles are protected and guaranteed to arrive safely and quickly every time so there’s no stress or worry.

Transparent pricing

We will never charge you hidden fees. With Rebtel, you know exactly what you’ll pay—the way bundles should be!

Easy and simple

When you send a bundle back home, it can be used as data, minutes and more.


What are Bundles?

Bundles are a combined product you send to your loved ones in Cuba. It sends a combination of data as well as minutes and SMS for the national network. The bundle can be used for 30 days to keep your loved ones connected.

We maintain the highest standard on the market, so your money is always in trusted hands. Rebtel uses innovative technology and is licensed by government regulators around the world to guarantee that your bundles arrive safely, quickly, and seamlessly every time.


How do I Send a Bundle?

Staying in touch with friends and family back in Cuba has never been simpler.

The process is easy and it’s a great way to support your family back home.

Simply enter the number you’d like to send a bundle in the field above.

Pick which bundle suits you best, then click “Send bundle!”

Done! Your friend will receive the bundle shortly.

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