Rebtel is one of the leading players in cheap international calling, offering high quality calls from any phone to any phone in the world.

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Rebtel in the news

Dagens Industri (Swe): "Rebtel becomes a bank - eyeing potential neo banks for acquisition"

Business daily Dagens Industri reports on Rebtel’s successful year in 2018, growing with over 20% while adding new verticals to it’s business adressing the primary needs of migrants and international nomads; communications, work and bank services.

Forbes: A Swedish Upstart Takes On WhatsApp, Reaching $95M In Revenue

"If every migrant were gathered in one country, it would be the fifth-largest nation in the world, 250 million people. Yet, few businesses recognize them as an opportunity. Many governments, including the U.S.’s Trump administration, seem to see them as a burden."

Media Post: New 'Beyond Borders' Pub Connects Immigrant Populations

“We looked at every step of an immigrant’s journey and tried to be there for them,” Magnus Larsson, CEO Rebtel, told Publisher’s Daily. “We created Beyond Borders to be a news source that brings this community together in a way that most news sources aren´t able to.”

Bloomberg: An App to Help Migrants Phone Home

Rebtel serves immigrant communities with service that links the web to the traditional phone network.

Dagens Industri (Swe), "US migrants sparks Rebtel’s growth"

Business daily Dagens Industri reports on Rebtel’s Activist sales and ambassador program which is growing rapidly and expanding in the US.

USA Today: Rebtel´s deal - unlimited calling, in more places than Whatsapp

With Skype and other free calling apps is there room for a company providing unlimited worldwide calling for $10 a month? Rebtel CEO tells USA TODAY´s Jefferson Graham

Cheddar: How Rebtel Takes On the Free Competition in the International Calling Market

Live TV - CEO Magnus Larsson explains how the company beats free competitors like Whatsapp and Viber by offering stronger and more reliable connections.

Reuters: Swedish telco Rebtel seeks $20 mln cash injection for growth

“The only thing we lack for even faster growth is more capital. We are therefore looking at new financing of around $20 million in 2017”

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