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In today's vibrantly changing world, staying connected with loved ones across borders and managing financial transactions globally has become increasingly vital. It is also a world that at times can feel challenging. Nevertheless, with Rebtel's innovative and reliable solutions, you can bridge the geographical gaps effortlessly.

As a company that understands the significance of seamless communication and hassle-free financial transactions, Rebtel has revolutionized the way people connect and manage their finances across borders. Whether you've just moved abroad and are longing for regular conversations with your family, a frequent traveler in need of high-quality international calls, or an individual seeking swift and secure money transfers, Rebtel can be the solution that you were looking for.

The Origins of Rebtel

Rebtel was founded in Sweden back in 2006, by a group of enthusiasts that had a vision of revolutionizing international calls, which were only available between selected countries, normally offered by only one phone company and were extremely costly. Since then, Rebtel has been striving to offer high-quality cheap calls to anywhere in the world and has come up with new ways of keeping you connected with your loved ones worldwide, such as mobile Top Ups and money transfer.


What is special about Rebtel calls?

At Rebtel, we are aware that international calls can quickly accumulate high costs, leaving users searching for more budget-friendly alternatives.

With Rebtel, you can enjoy high-quality international calls without worrying about exorbitant charges. Enjoy our downloadable software and start making free calls. You always know where you are with Rebtel. Your balance. Your credits. It’s all clear.

Let's take a look at the factors that make calling with Rebtel unique:

One of the best call rates

One of the standout features of Rebtel is its affordable international calling rates. Rebtel offers competitive rates for making calls to various countries around the world, which can be significantly lower than traditional phone carriers or other calling services. This can make it an attractive option for individuals or businesses who frequently make international calls.

Click here to see the specific rates for your preferred country.

Unique options for connecting your call

At Rebtel, we offer you several options to connect your call.

Using your mobile data

In case you are not at home or do not want to use public Wi-fi networks due to safety reasons, this is the best option to go for.

Connect via Wi-Fi

The most practical option for many, bear in mind though to connect always to a secure Wi-Fi network.

Through a local access number

Rebtel uses a unique calling method called "local numbers." When you make an international call through Rebtel, you're assigned a local number specific to your contact. By calling this local number, you can benefit from lower rates because the call is treated as a local call instead of an international one. This approach can help you save money on long-distance and international calls. And the best thing about this is that you can call someone without the need of internet service!

Unlimited calls and subscription packs

For those seeking unlimited calling plans, Rebtel offers subscription packs tailored to different needs. These monthly subscription packs provide unlimited calls to specific countries or regions, allowing you to stay connected for extended periods without worrying about call durations or costs. By subscribing to these packs, you can enjoy unlimited international calling at a fraction of the price charged by traditional phone providers. To keep it simple: cheap international calls at its best.

We have been constantly browsing the market and have started partnerships with several mobile providers and are now able to offer you unlimited calling and unlimited plans to several countries.

Thailand: 8.5€/month
Indonesia: 10€/month
India: 11€/month
Venezuela: 15€/month

...and many others.

Click here to see the full list of countries that we offer unlimited month subscription packs to.

Great rates across the world

We are constantly listening to our customers' needs and are improving our services by expanding to more and more countries and offering great rates. For example, you can call to:

Senegal: 8€/80 min
Nigeria: 10€/100 min

and many more.

For a detailed list of call rates to different countries, click here.

And last but not least...

Some additional features that Rebtel offers are:

  • when calling using your mobile data or Wi-Fi, your own number is displayed, which allows the person on the other side to accept calls without having to previously identify the caller.

  • by using your own number, you won't have any trouble calling services that need to be reached from a specific number, such as online banking etc.

  • the app automatically shows your remaining credits: when you have reached minimum calling credits, we will notify you, this applies both for iPhone and Android users of our free app.

Save money on international calls.

In conclusion, by offering calls to landlines, with local call quality, great calling rates, unlimited subscriptions and all of this without the need for internet connection, Rebtel goes beyond traditional cheap international calling. By downloading the Rebtel app on your mobile device, you gain access to an all-in-one app that enables you to have all of your services at a single place. And most important of all, to be there, despite the distance.


Mobile Top Ups

Mobile Top Ups, Airtime, Recharge... Many names, one place: Rebtel

Mobile Top Ups refer to the process of adding credits to a prepaid mobile phone number, which can be used to make calls, send text messages, and access mobile data services.

At Rebtel, we offer you great offers and seamless Top Ups, which reach your recipient in a matter of seconds. Some of the options include:

General Mobile Top Ups

A great choice for sending a one-time recharge across the world whenever you need it. For example, you can send a Top Up to:


In Nigeria, we have implemented Top Ups with real exchange rates, which means that, as of today, the recipient gets 765 NGN for 1 USD.

Send Airtime to Nigeria


Together with Telcel, you can Top Up Mexican mobile numbers whenever you want. Keep an eye out for special promotions, such as sending 2 USD, while the recipient receives 103.85 MXN!

Send a Top Up to Mexico


We know that sometimes you are looking for more than credits. That is why we offer the option of sending mobile packages, called bundles, to several destinations. Bundles normally include calling credits, SMS messages, data and depending on the destination, free data for social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Send a bundle using Rebtel

Rebtel Plans

Recently, we have also launched the Plans option, which allows you to automatically send bundles to one or several numbers of your choice with a certain frequency, which normally varies between 7, 14 and 28 days. Plans are fee-free, come with a fixed price every month and you can cancel anytime!


Low Fee Money Transfers

We’ve partnered up with Ria, one of the largest money transfer services in the world.

Today, we offer money transfers to more than 120 countries. And counting. This also gives us access to 490,000+ locations where your beloved ones can retrieve their money in cash. With a maximum of 999 USD per day, you can send money to Nigeria, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Kenya and many more countries in a matter of minutes!

Send money with Rebtel


Money Transfers with Rebtel are:

Low Fee

We always strive to keep our necessary fees as low as possible We simply think you shouldn’t pay extreme amounts in fees for the money you are sending.


Your money is safe with us thanks to our up-to-date security standards. Also, our operations specialists are there to help you out in case you need it.

Quick and easy.

We know that there are times when sending your money where it needs to be is crucial. With our average delivery time of 20 min, we think we are pretty good at it. Plus, by skipping unnecessary steps, we have cut the money transfer process down to only a few taps.

Payout options: choose the way you want them to receive the money.

At Rebtel, we are aware that different people have different preferences. When sending money, choose between the option that best suits your needs.


Transfer money directly to your recipient's bank account.


One of the fastest payout options that allows your recipients to receive money directly in their mobile wallet.


As we know that not everyone has a bank account, we also offer this option which allows the recipient to retrieve money directly in cash, by only presenting their ID.

Before there was distance. Now there is Rebtel.

With the Rebtel app, keep in touch with everyone you need, everywhere you go. Because we don't believe that you should pay unnecessary costs, our app is totally free and compatible with Android and iOS. But it is not only an international calling app, you can use it to have access to all of services, that is, Mobile Top Ups and Money Transfer as well.

Rebtel is catered to a wide range of users, regardless of their mobile device preferences. The Rebtel app is available for both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring seamless communication for a vast user base.

With Rebtel, always know exactly where you are. Wherever that might be.

At Rebtel, we aim to transform the definition of keeping in touch by actually offering a solution to the needs that many of our customers meet on their journey. A journey that might involve moving abroad pursuing a career, continuing their studies, writing a new chapter with a special person or just simply seeking to improve their overall well-being.

We started off with a vision of wanting to offer high quality calls that do not necessarily imply sky-high prices while reaching as many people as possible. And we have succeeded at that and still continue to reinvent ourselves, while offering the best possible rates out there.

By listening to our clients, we went several steps ahead by introducing the Mobile Top Up option among our services and, most recently, with launching our money transfers. Still, we continue pursuing our initial vision: to offer the best solutions to the everyday challenges while prioritizing our clients. Looking forward to being able to welcome you onboard your journey with Rebtel!oew

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