Why am I having trouble calling from Bahrain?

If you are in Bahrain and are trying to make an international call using Rebtel you may be hearing a message saying the number you are calling has been restricted.

The reason for this is that external providers are no longer allowed to connect calls from Bahrain, which is why your calls are not getting through.

What does this mean? 

When you call using Rebtel using our phone lines calling setting, the app connects your call through a local access number so you make an international call but only pay your operator for a local call. The operator in Bahrain is blocking all VoIP services (like Rebtel) that offer this service! 

To continue calling with Rebtel please change your call settings with WiFi and DATA only, but disconnect the Phone Lines option!  


How do I call? 

You can access and change your call settings by tapping in the upper right corner of your app's home screen. ​ 

For more detailed instructions on how to change your Call Settings click here.


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