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With the increasing importance of data protection, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) empowers individuals to control their personal information. This includes the right to request the deletion and portability of personal data. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to initiate GDPR requests through various channels—app, web, and email . Additionally, we will explore the identity confirmation process for enhanced security.


Understanding delete my data and get my data requests

Before diving into the request process, it's essential to understand the GDPR's key principles. Deletion allows users to request the removal of their personal data, while data porting enables them to obtain their own data. 


Preparing for the Request:

Before initiating the process, ensure you have the necessary information at hand. In the case of Rebtel, they may require the phone number and  email address used to register with Rebtel to verify your identity.


Requesting Access and/or Deletion of data via App:

  • Launch the Rebtel app on your mobile device.
  • Navigate to the account settings , click the help area and click contact support 
  • Redirected to the support agents that will assist you with your data concerns.

Requesting Access and/or Deletion of data via Web:

  • Access the chatbot in Web and it redirect you to a cusomter support agent .

Requesting Access and/or Deletion of data via Email:

  • Compose an email to Rebtel's customer support ( ).
  • Clearly state your request for data deletion and/or porting.
  • Provide necessary details, such as your registered email address and any additional information requested.

Follow-Up and Verification:

  • After submitting your request, monitor your email for updates or additional verification steps.

  • Rebtel may follow up with you to ensure the authenticity of the request and to confirm your understanding that the deletion process will result in the complete removal of all your personal data from their systems.

Keep in mind that GDPR deletion requests typically involve the removal of all personal data associated with your account. Unfortunately, it's important to note that you do not have the option to filter specific data for deletion. The process usually involves a complete removal of your information from Rebtel's records. Therefore, carefully consider the implications before proceeding, as the action is irreversible.


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