Changes to Ethiotelecom Products - January 2024

Ethiotelecom has chosen to make changes to several of their existing products. See details below. 


Changed Product

Ethiotelecom has updated the following bundle(s):

Old Product

New Product

Unlimited calls and data / 30 days Unlimited calls, data and SMS / 30 days
Unlimited data and SMS / 7 days Unlimited data / 7 days
20GB, 3000 min and 150 SMS / 30 days 20GB, 2000 minutes and 200 SMS / 30 days
1GB, 210 minutes and 30 SMS / 7 days 2GB, 200 minutes and 20 SMS / 7 days


If you have a subscription to this product, it will continue to renew normally. If you wish to modify or review your subscriptions you can go to the 'Account' tab, under 'My Subscriptions'.


Discontinued Product

Ethiotelecom has discontinued the bundle:

1550 mins, 6GB and 100 SMS - 30 days

If you have a subscription to this product it has been cancelled and you will not be charged. You can subscribe to another bundle of the new products made available. 

You can check your current subscriptions in the 'Account' tab, under 'My Subscriptions'.

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