How do I call using access numbers?

If you don’t have a phone that is compatible with the newest version of the Rebtel app you can place your calls with Rebtel using access numbers or shared local numbers.

Start by finding the Access Number located nearest to you. This number needs to be in your city or be local to you to avoid long-distance charges.

You can find a list of Rebtel Access Numbers here.

Once you have located your access number, just follow these steps:

  1. Dial the access number
  2. Identify yourself - the IVR (recorded voice message) will ask you to identify yourself. Type in your registered phone number and pin code.
  3. Then dial in the international phone number of your friend (including the country code) and press the hash key “#”. You will be connected to your friend abroad

The same calling rates apply as when using your local numbers or calling from your application.

If you are traveling abroad, be sure to call your access number in the country/city you are currently in and dial the access number from a local phone to avoid extra charges.

If you are abroad and plan on using the app to call make sure to set your call setup to "Travel Mode" to avoid being charged international fees by your operator.

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