What are the terms and conditions for nauta?

Please consider the following when sending a Nauta Recharge: 

  • A permanent Nauta account must be created in Cuba by Nauta. It cannot be created abroad through TransferTo.
  • When creating a permanent account, ETECSA will provide you with an email of the type usuario@nauta.com.cu or user@nauta.co.cu.
  • A permanent access account is valid for 360 days.
  • A Nauta top-up will remain active for 330 days since the day it is made, after this period you have an additional 30 days to reactivate/extend the account with another top-up. 
  • To request help, check your remaining balance or manage an existing Nauta account you can call 118 or visit http://portal.nauta.cu (only accessible from Cuba).
  • Your contact will need a portable device with WiFi function. These can be purchased at ETECSA offices (compatible with Nauta and IMO).
  • A Nauta top-up can be used to surf the Internet, access Facebook or another social network, chat, send emails, or make video calls by IMO.
  • When sending a Nauta top-up the sender will receive a confirmation email and a message. To review a transaction simply go to the "Account Activity" section on the website or in the application. Your contact in Cuba can confirm the recharge by calling the number 118.
  • To send a Nauta top-up you need to have a credit or debit card saved in your Rebtel account.
  • To send a Nauta top-up using the App you need to have a Cuban phone number saved in your native's device address book.
  • Rebtel applies certain limits to payments and accounts. It is not possible to make repeated top-ups with the same card, in the same account and in the same day. This measures protect our users from unwanted purchases. 
  • Once a Nauta top-up is completed, it can not be refunded and the value can not be removed from the recipient's account. Please take into consideration that Rebtel is not responsible for a top-up sent to the wrong recipient.
  • For more information please take a look at the Rebtel Terms of Service.
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