How does pre-booking work?

Thombs_up.pngNow with Rebtel you can also pre-book a Recharge to be sent the day the promotion begins and arrive with bonuses to your loved ones! It's super easy! Just click HERE

Important: the pre-booking of your Recharge can only be made through our website, not from our application.

To pre-book a Recharge in the web take these steps:

1. Log in to my Rebtel (If you're on the Rebtel homepage, click on your profile picture and then "My account")

2. Click on "Send money"

3.Click on "Recharges" and then on the tab "My pre-bookings"

4. Select the promotion of your choice

5. Proceed to Pre-book your Recharge so that it arrives with a bonus when the promotion begins!


Check.pngTo check the status of your booked Recharges just click on "My Pre-bookings" and there you can see the record of your bookings and their status.


If you wish to send a Recharge without pre-booking then you can always tab on "Send Recharge" as shown in the image below:

Important - terms and conditions:

  • If you pre-book a Recharge you will pay the day of the booking and the Recharge will be sent on the first day of the promotion.
  • If the booking is successful you will get a confirmation email and a receipt. Your contact in Cuba will also receive a confirmation SMS.
  • If a transaction fails you will get a notification for failed transaction email. If you did not receive a confirmation message and a receipt, the pre-booking has failed. If that is the case, please click HERE or contact customer support by clicking the button at the end of this article.
  • If you are a new user, you will only be able to pre-book one Recharge. Once the promotional period starts you will be able to send more Recharges. This is a safety measure to protect your payments. If you wish to send more Recharges you can always start our calling service to extend your Recharge limits.
Remember that if you don't want to wait for a promotion you can always send a Recharge right away by selecting the "send Recharge" option.
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