How can people in Cuba get internet from my recharge?

With Recargas your family and friends can have internet on their cell phones, without having to go to WI-FI point!

With the "Recargas" service you can send Airtime to your contacts in Cuba. Your contact's phone number must be pre-paid.

Thombs_up.pngWith the money your contacts receive through Recargas they can:

  • Make calls
  • Send Messages
  • Buy plans with Cubacel to surf the Internet from their cell phone without having to go to a WIFI connection point! 

Warning.png​Important: the Recargas bonus cannot be used to buy internet plans. 

If you send Recargas to Cuba: The money is sent in dollars through Cubacel and is received in CUP, so your contact's phone must be prepaid and belong to the operator of "Cubacel". And best of all, we don't charge commissions!

With the CUPs that your friends and family receive through the recharges, they will be able to make calls and send messages.

Check.pngTo activate the mobile internet plans you can do it through the USSD code *133# and then dial 1 (data). On this platform, you can purchase the data packages and the consumption fee. 

Warning.pngMake sure your contact in Cuba has a cell phone that supports 3G technology.

Thombs_up.pngFor downloads or heavy streaming, the most advisable thing is to go to ETECSA WIFI points and make use of the NAUTA service


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