Can the app pick up my international calls?

If you are an Android user you can enable the "intercept calls" function for the Rebtel application. When this option is enabled, all outgoing international calls will automatically be intercepted and routed via Rebtel instead of your phone operator. 

We do not have this feature for iOS users at this time. 


How do I enable or disable this feature?

Open your Rebtel application

  1. Go to the "Menu" button at the bottom right of your home screen
  2. Tap on "settings" button
  3. Tap on "Intercept International Calls"
  4. Choose between "ASK, YES and NO"



We recommend you choose the "ASK" option for intercepting calls. This way you will always be asked if you want to use Rebtel to place your call how I show it to you in the image below. That way you can be sure the app is picking up your call every time. 


How do i know it's working?

​Once the Intercept feature is enabled, you can still make sure your calls are getting connected through Rebtel - simply check that the ongoing call has the Rebtel logo as shown in the image below. 



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