What are the latest changes to unlimited subscriptions?

Israel Unlimited  will no longer be offered due to some changes in prices being offered by the telecom operators in Israel.

What will happen with my subscriptions?  

  • If you are currently using the unlimited subscription and it ends on or before 

You will still get to use your full 30 days of your subscription. Starting 15 August 2022, the subscription will no longer work and cannot be renewed.

Thombs_up.png After that point, you can purchase World Credits in the app or on the web to continue making calls to these countries.

Worlds Credit 8¢ per minute on mobile and 3¢ per minute on landline

Israel Limited (120 minutes for USD8 available starting from 15th of August) 

  • If you are on a Global Unlimited subscription

You will still be able to dial the 50 countries available in Global Unlimited subscription. But Israel will no longer be included in the list starting 15 August 2022.

Note: If you no longer wish to be a part of this plan, please remember to unsubscribe to avoid renewal.

Check.png To see which countries are available in the global unlimited plan, click here.

  • If you are on a free Unlimited trial

If you are currently on any free Unlimited trials, the transition to the full Unlimited product will no longer be possible.

Thombs_up.png Please check the rates to call the country you want here, just write the country you want to talk to and you will see the offers available! 

If you want to cancel your subscription or ask for a refund please contact our support team at the button below and we will gladly assist you! 

  • Check our refund policies here
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