How do I send money online with Rebtel?


If you’re new to Rebtel, first you need to get your account set up:

Download the Rebtel app from the App Store or Google Play and create your account. 

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Setting Up your Money Transfer Account

  1. Go to Rebtel "Marketplace" and click Money Transfer
  2. Input the amount that you will be sending to the recipient and then choose the country where you want to send the money to and press "Continue"
  3. Read and check the box if you agree to Rebtel and Ria's Terms and Policies.
  4. Then click "Start"
  5. Select "Add a new recipient" and fill in all required details about the transfer recipient then press continue. 
  6. Add your card details and press "Pay"
  7. Fill in required sender details and press "Continue" 
  8. All details of transfer will be verified and shown to you for review and confirmation. It is important that you go over all the details before you press confirm so to avoid any issues later on. 
  9. Some additional questions and information needs to be filled in before transaction can be finalized. Please fill these in truthfully to avoid any issues later on. 
  10. You are almost done, just fill in your debit card's CCV to finalize the transaction and your transfer will now be sent.

You can check the status of your transfer by going to your account activity and click on your Money Transfer and click "See Details"


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