Prevent consumer fraud.

Scams and consumer fraud happens in the money transfer industry quite often so we want our users to be aware and be on guard for such schemes. 

Some common scams include, love scams, fake merchandise websites, lottery scams and internet or phone scams. To help us to prevent consumer fraud, please ask yourself the following questions before you respond to any questionable emails, phone calls and etc.;

  • Is somebody that I have met online promising me a personal relationship with them if I send them money to pay for any of their expenses?
  • Are you sending money to receive a lottery prize or a promise of a large payout?
  • Are you sending money to receive merchandise on a website that has promised to send you the goods after they have received money from you?
  • Are you sending money to someone you do not know or whose identity you cannot verify?

If any of these scenarios pertain to your transfer and you suspect it might be fraudulent, please call us at our Money Transfer Support at +1-(833)-429-2227  or send us an email at and request to stop your money transfer.


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