Why is my recipient unable to pick up their cash?

Money transfers that haven't been paid out may be cancelled. You can request  cancellation via sending our customer support team a ticket via the app, web or sending a mail at moneytransfersupport@rebtel.com 


Let's start by making sure that your recipient has all that they need to pick up the cash transfer.

  • Provide the PIN Code that you will find in :
    • App
    • Email
  • Government issued photo ID 
  • Correct payout location

The best way to avoid pickup complications is to ensure that your recipient has everything they need before arriving at the payout location. Giving them accurate information is key when receiving a cash transfer.

Here are a few reasons that recipients may be unable to pick up their cash transfer :

Pickup location lacks funds

The pickup location may not have the funds available to give your recipient cash.

Senders, make sure that the the pick-up location has not cancelled the transfer or requested the recipient to pick it up in another location. You’ll need to give this information to your recipient. Customer Service is only able to assist senders.

Order can't be found

If an order cannot be found in the pickup location’s system, it’s typically because the:

  • PIN given is wrong
  • Transfer is still processing in the system and has not been released for pickup
  • Transfer is On Hold
  • The transfer was not picked up within 21 days of being sent and it has been cancelled

Please check the transfer receipt and your email for correct information.


Expired ID

Your recipient needs a valid, government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the transfer.

  • If the name doesn’t exactly match, the name on the transfer needs to be cancelled and retry sending again.
  • If their ID is expired, they’ll need to provide another valid form — like a passport
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