Where can I find the PIN for my money transfer?

The PIN is a unique code associated with your transfer. You can always find it in your Account activity in you Rebtel app after the Money Transfer has been completed.


Finding your PIN code

Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) helps to keep your transfer secure. Recipient must know the PIN code that is specifically assigned to a transfer in order to pick it up from any Ria partner locations.


How to find your PIN

When you first send your Cash Pickup transfer,  you will find your PIN code in your transaction summary.


  1. Go to your app's Account activity
  2. From your account activity,  you should choose the Money Transfer that you want the PIN code for
  3. Once your transaction summary is open you can scroll down and find the PIN code at the bottom part of the summary.


You can also find your PIN code in the receipt that you will receive via email.


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