Requirements to send a bank transfer to Peru

If you're sending a bank transfer to Peru, you'll need to provide accurate details of your recipient to avoid the transfer being delayed or rejected.


Required information for bank transfers to Peru

Incorrectly adding your recipient's ID type or Bank account type are common reasons that bank transfers to Peru are rejected. 

ID type:During the sending process, you'll be asked to provide your recipient's ID number and choose the ID type from a drop-down list. It's important to check what ID type your recipient is using, and correctly choose that ID type from the list. 

Bank account type:You will also be asked about the type of bank account you are sending to. Check with your recipient to clarify if you'll be sending to a Cuenta Corriente(checking) or Caja de Ahorros(savings) bank account. Select the correct type within the Ria app or website. 

Correctly adding your recipient's ID and bank account type will greatly improve your chances at sending a transfer successfully. Happy sending! 

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