Due to Jamaica's financial rules and regulations, people who wish to receive bank transfers need to
authorize their bank accounts and provide certain information with senders. Money transfers will not be successful unless these requirements/conditions are completed.  

Sender needs to provide recipient's following information

To ensure that a bank transfer is successful, sender needs to provide following information of the receiver

  • Full name (must match the name on your bank account)
  • Name of bank
  • Account number
  • Account type (checking or savings) 

Make sure that the provided information is accurate so your money transfer is not delayed or cancelled. 


How to  authorize recipient's Jamaican bank account to receive money?

You’ll only need to do this once for each bank account that you’d like to receive transfers .

When the sender initiates the transfer, they will receive a text message (SMS) with a link from Ria's partner, Victoria Mutual Money Transfers. Sender needs to forward the given link to recipient to authorise recipient's bank account. Click the link to fill out the online form to authorise your bank account. Make sure you have the required information ready:

  • Jamaican Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)
  • Government-Issued ID
  • Proof of bank account ownership (ex: a bank statement, canceled check for a current account, account passbook)

Note:If you bank with JMMB Money Transfer Limited, they will contact you directly to authorise your account.

After these steps are completed, you'll be able to successfully receive a money transfer directly into your bank account.