Cheap calls to Ghana from the UK explained

Cheap calls to Ghana from the UK explained

If you are based in the United Kingdom and need to find the cheapest way to call Ghana then what options do you have? It’s a minefield out there with so many choices, from mobile phones and pre-paid cards to landlines and VoIP services.  Here we’ll look at some of the leading providers in order to give you the best options across the board.

Price is a massively important issue when making regular international calls. All too often in the past it’s been easy to run up large bills and UK-based customers are not alone in suffering here. Now though, there are many ways to call Ghana cheaply from the UK via both landline and mobile phone.

The SIM Card alternative means buying a second SIM card with the stated provider in order to access these rates. So to make a call you either have to replace your usual SIM card with the new one, or carry a second phone around specifically for making calls to Ghana.

The Top Up option makes a charge to your line number initially (usually around £5) when you call a premium rate number and register an account. Once you have registered you can access cheaper rates for calls from your mobile phone.

Again, it is online services like Rebtel that come out on top here.  Quite simply, internet companies use digital (instead of satellite) technology which is much cheaper for them to maintain.  These cost savings are then passed on to the customer.

Using an app is also relatively straightforward, once you have registered and entered your contact details.  The smartphone boom has resulted in great apps that provide a whole range of features, as well as transparency and the ability to manage exactly how much money you are spending on international calls.

Checking out your options with an online app like Rebtel is therefore strongly recommended in order to ensure you can stay in touch with loved ones abroad without running up massive phone bills.