The Cheapest Way to Call the Philippines From the UK

The Cheapest Way to Call the Philippines From the UK

As a Filipino based abroad there is a massive demand for reliable and affordable services when keeping in contact with friends and family back home.  Indeed, calling figures show that this is case and that many users have been dismayed at the costs involved in staying in touch.  So let’s take a look at some of the different options available with a view to finding the cheapest and most reliable way to call the Philippines (from the UK).

1. Calling the Philippines by landline

Did you know that if you call a friend in the Philippines using BT’s standard rate you pay 84.5p/min during the week and 79.8p/min at weekends? If you purchase a £10 calling card you would barely get 11 minutes talk time at such prices. Other companies offer much better prices, with Just Call offering calls from 9p/min and iTalk offering calls at 8.5p/min. Rebtel however seem to offer the best deal with calls from your landline costing just 7.9p/min.

2. Calling a friend in the Philippines by mobile

International Mobile costs through your chosen operator can be as high, if not higher, than the landline rate, so finding a cheaper alternative is always beneficial. ParrotTel offer a 20p/min rate while Firstnumber offer a service considerably cheaper at 13p/min. Rebtel however offer a service from 9.9p/min if you want to call a friend on their mobile. Alternatively, you can send text messages with Rebtel to your contact in the Phillippines from just 2.p per message.

3. Using an International Calling Card

One of the most popular ways to pre-pay for your calls to the Philippines (from the UK) is using an international calling card. There are many to choose from and they vary considerably in price and quality. However, it is well worth remembering that the amount of call time you receive, compared to the advertised rates, can be considerably less due to hidden costs that are often incurred. As a result, calling cards can often be an unwanted annoyance as you never quite know what you are getting and after sales service is as good as non-existent.

4. Calling the Philippines from your Desktop Computer

Many people are now opting to call internationally using their computer and VOIP service. Skype is the most obvious choice here, with a reliable service that has become market leader in recent years.  If you install the Skype program then you can make free audio and video calls (with varying quality depending on the internet connection of both users) to other people who also have Skype.  Whilst this is indeed a great service there are some obvious drawbacks, namely that the service is wholly reliant on decent internet connections at both ends and that both users have Skype installed. Otherwise ‘normal’ phone calls require some form of payment.

5. Calling the Philippines using a Smartphone App

Technological developments in smartphone and tablet services have really opened up the market and made great advances into how we can stay in touch with far flung friends and family. By using one of a variety of apps you can take advantage of this trend and make either free calls to other users (who have the same service on their smartphone/tablet), or cheaper calls to landlines and mobile phone numbers. 

There are several services available including Viber, Vonage and Rebtel, with the latter providing excellent quality with cheap rates and no hidden fees making them one of the key players in the telecommunications market.

With the cost of living seemingly on an inexorable rise, ensuring you get the most for your money is more important than ever. Taking advantage of cheap calls to the Philippines is therefore imperative for any Filipino living abroad.