Calling Without Internet Connection Using Rebtel

Calling Without Internet Connection Using Rebtel

Free and cheap calling is readily available when you have access to WiFi; but what about staying in contact without an internet connection?

With Rebtel you no longer have to be a slave to the local hotspot in order to place free calls.  You don’t even need to be connected to your 3G.  Staying in contact with your friends, relatives and business associates is possible without needing to stay hooked up to the internet at all!

Here’s how it works

Register free with Rebtel and connect your phone number to your Rebtel account, then simply login to the portal and add your favourite contacts to your Rebtel contact list. For any international contacts you have, a local phone number will be instantly created and made available to you.

So let’s say you’ve just added your father’s number, you are based somewhere in The UK and he is in India. Rebtel will give you a UK number especially for your father, so you just need to save that number to your phone and label it to his contact. Then, regardless of whether you are connected to the internet and regardless of whether he is connected, the call will connect and you can have a good old chat at the knowledge that you’re only paying for a local phonecall! 

This service is available at great rates and even provides a free test call, so it’s fast becoming a favourite for many of those out there who have friends and family in far flung places. 

Call using your landline

Bearing in mind the above, you can even use a landline to call to one of your contacts; once again no internet connectivity is needed here.

By registering contacts in your Rebtel portal you receive local phone numbers for each of them.  So calling this local number from a landline would reach them directly. Rebtel provide the ‘internet part’ of the connectivity without you needing to connect, meaning that you can benefit from cheap calls at high quality from any type of phone.

 Not only is this a great opportunity for those of you who may be without internet connectivity from time to time, it is even more optimal when considering that your desired contacts don’t need to be online at all!