Make free calls without Wifi with Rebtel

Make free calls without Wifi with Rebtel

Free calls are available from your first call if you call with Rebel Calling, perfect for app-to-app calling. 


Make free calls from your mobile without WiFi

You can use your mobile to make your calls without internet. For app users,  your contacts, will appear automatically in the Rebtel app. If you are not using the app, you can create local numbers on your Rebtel account. If the phone number is abroad, Rebtel would create a local number to connect your international call. Save this number and you will be able to reach the same person later on, using the same local number. If you are an app user, you do not need to create a local number, it will be created automatically for you when you call. 


Make free calls without internet and from a landline

With a local number created, you will be able to use it from a landline if you are not using a mobile. The only condition is for you to sign up using your landline number so Rebtel can connect your number with your friends you are calling. The process is the same as for mobile users described above. Create a local number for each of your contact and you will receive a confirmation for every number created. Super easy to try, your first call is free, 


You don’t need to pay crazy rates to call home and you don’t even need to use internet which often lower the calls quality. 


Note that the rates to the different destinations depends on the local providers and can vary a lot. Have a look at the rate search below to find your rate! 


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