Free Calls Between Mobile Phones

Free Calls Between Mobile Phones

Free calls between mobile phones is no longer a fantasy. The trend started years ago with networks offering free calls for certain circles of friends or family members.  But limitations existed based on certain contractual settings and the amount of people one could contact.  The great news is that now the opportunities are expanding.

With the advent of smart phones and the ability to support independent apps, the options for free mobile to mobile calls have exploded. The following apps all allow free (or almost free) calls between mobile users, making mobile phones even more indispensable.

Apps that Allow a Free Call Between Cell Phones

- NimBuzz is a calling app that lets you make free calls between NimBuzz customers, connecting your phone to the people you want to reach over the mobile Internet (VoIP) instead of over expensive cell phone networks. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection or an unlimited data plan from your mobile provider.

- Fring lets users enjoy free text chat, voice calls, 2-way and group video chat with any Fring users.  They also offer a ‘FringOut’ service, where users can make calls to regular landline & mobile phone numbers worldwide at competitive rates.

- Viber allows free calling and texting to other mobile users who have installed the same Viber app, using WiFi or 3G (data plan minutes are used if your subscription/contract doesn’t provide unlimited surf time).

- Skype has an app for free mobile to mobile calls that uses either Wi-Fi or your data, depending on how you setup. Skype also offers low rates for international calls to mobiles.

- Rebtel allows cheap calls to any mobile users. The Rebtel app is available for iPhone, Android and Windows based smartphones and is a great way of keeping in touch with anyone via normal phone call, be it via mobile phone or landline.

Companies and Countries Attempting to Block Free Mobile to Mobile Calls

Free mobile to mobile calls are not appreciated by many networks. In some cases, entire countries have managed to block VOIP calls from travelling over their networks - notably Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, but even countries like Sweden, Germany and France have hinted at plans to block such calls.