Free WiFi Calling with Android? Easy!

Free WiFi Calling with Android? Easy!

If you have an Android based phone, there are literally hundreds of apps designed to help you make calls. Of these, many allow free calls with Wi-Fi, though they are essentially app-to-app services (where both contacts need the app to make the call work), though there are also options for cheap calls to normal phone numbers.  So we’ve outlined a few below to help you keep in touch with family and friends all over the world. Wi-Fi calling with Android may be your perfect solution.

Free WiFi Calling with Android and Google Voice

We’ll start with a tricky one, for all you techs out there. Free calls are possible if you use a free SIP server and connect your PBX to Google voice after downloading it onto your Android phone. The tricky part of this type of service is correctly configuring the SIP server, but those of you who are more technically inclined will find this is a great way to make and receive free Wi-Fi calls with Android.

Make WiFi Calls with Android and an App

1. Rebtel for Android. This app allows you to make WiFi calls with your Android to any device. Rebtel for Android is free to download and easy to use; you don’t have to create usernames or separate contact lists - just use your phone’s regular address book. Rebtel operates by using your phone’s built in dialer and automatically connecting all your international calls through Rebtel. Cheap rates enable you to contact people anywhere in the world, even to normal landlines, at the price of making a local call.

 2. Vopium for Android. This allows Wi-Fi calling so you can call other Vopium users, Skype users and Gtalk users free if both users are online. Calls to all other phones are offered at very low calling rates, even if they do not have Vopium installed. Setting up an account is easy, and you can also chat with your Facebook friends and contacts on Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo and Twitter.

3. Fring allows chat messaging, audio calls and video calling, and lets you add other communication services as well as connecting with your phone book. Of course, the other party needs to have Fring on their phone for you to get free WiFi calling with Android (also works on other types of phones so your friends don‘t have to have Android phones). Group video calls are also available but users should be aware on the impact of data usage here.

4. It takes two to Tango! Similar to Skype, this is an app-to-app based service where you can speak to other people with the Tango app by making voice or video calls using your Android phone over Wi-Fi or 3G (data charges do apply to 3G video calls).

5. If you install Viber, it scans your address book, connecting you with other Viber users instantly. Your user ID is your phone number. You can make free calls over Wi-Fi on your Android phone to other Viber users, and also send SMS.

You don’t have to have an iPhone to keep in touch. Free Wi-Fi calling with Android is simple, as long as you have a well-designed application that works as advertised!  Give some of those shown above a try and see how your long-lost friends are getting along on the other side of the world.