The Phablet - Smartest Phone of All or Just an Annoyingly Small Tablet?

The Phablet - Smartest Phone of All or Just an Annoyingly Small Tablet?

Phones keep getting slimmer and have bigger screens. Computers keep getting smaller and have more functionality. So what do you get when you cross your phone and a computer? That’s right – a tablet you can use for calling! 

Let’s look at the main differences between a tablet and a Smartphone. Smartphones are basically tiny computers that fit in your pocket, and act as a communication device whenever needed.  Tablets are terrific for heavier web use, checking email, playing video games and so on - but the larger size can make them harder to carry around with ease.

The answer? A crossover product - and variations on the theme have been hitting the market since 2010, but nowadays they are commonplace.

The Phablet

In 2015, approximately 16 million Android based calling tablet devices were sold, and that number is only expected to keep going up.  Most of these calling devices have a screen size between 5 and 7 inches, and are powered by Android’s great Operating System. They are, basically, larger versions of the 3G and 4G Smartphones, with larger, brighter displays that make playback better and provide easier use for web browsing than the average phone.

Calling Tablets

You don’t necessarily have to buy a hybrid tablet / phone to get the advantages, however. If you aren’t ready to spend an additional $300 plus on yet another device, you can turn your existing tablet into a calling device with a simple app!

Skype. The Skype app for iPad and Android works over Wi-Fi or 3G (operator data charges may apply). You can call anyone else with Skype installed on their device without Skype charging you extra, or you can sign up for a monthly subscription or credits to quickly turn your Android device or iPad into an efficient calling tablet.

Viber. This is another app that turns your tablet into a calling device, with free calls to other Viber users. Viber can also synch with your mobile phone number and contact list, instantly showing who else in your network has Viber.

- Rebtel. This app is probably the classiest app out there for turning iPads and Android devices into a slick calling tablets. Why? The app isn’t just a mobile app - it was designed for use with the bigger screen and extra functionality of a tablet! With Rebtel, both landscape view and portrait view are flawlessly optimized, and all calls flow smoothly and without interruption between Wi-Fi and 3G networks for the best reception. Your address books integrate seamlessly, and you can call internationally for the price of a local call thanks to Rebtel’s great rates.