Wifi calling apps on Android

Wifi calling apps on Android

The number of Android-based smartphones in use makes their operating system the most popular in the world today. Putting a figure on the sheer number of Android devices is almost a futile effort since they are ever increasing… and with a wide range of products available across multiple price ranges, the Android market shows no signs of slowing down.  As a consequence there are an abundance of apps available for download, providing great options for staying in touch with friends and loved ones all over the world.

Lots of apps, lots of uses

One of the main attractions of the Android smartphone is that through the vast number of available apps, your device can take on a far greater role than merely being a phone. Whether it is arranging your free time through social networking, killing time on that lonely bus stop with your favourite game, counting calories from your daily food intake or booking your next weekend away, the options are almost endless.  You have a need for something?  Well there’s probably an app for it.  That’s the world we live in today.

That said, it must be remembered that your Android phone is still a communications device at its core and speaking to loved ones either via a phone call, or text, plays an important part in judging how useful a device is. A critical issue in this assessment is cost; any phone that is expensive to use, no matter how fantastic it may be, can soon become a financial burden for any user. So, while it is important to note how many different uses your Android phone has, it is equally important to understand that keeping costs down is absolutely vital. This is where Android WiFi calling can play an important role.

Android over iPhone

So why is Android the preferred option for so many people?  As aforementioned, the price structure plays an important part here.  Android phones are available across a wide range of prices, with their operating system being ‘open’ to a whole bunch of phone manufacturers.  As such there are some really great deals to be had, especially in comparison to the pricey iPhone product.  But what about functionality?  That’s important too right? Indeed, many Android users harp on gleefully about how easy the Operating System is to use, with apps readily available and unproblematic file transfers from computer to phone – in other words, no more of that awful feeling when your latest attempts to sync something from iTunes to iPhone has failed yet again!

The importance of WiFi

Relieve the strain on your monthly phone bills by using Wi-Fi to make calls.  Utilizing one of a wide range of telecommunications apps uses internet technology and therefore can deliver information cheaply and quickly. This is true whether you are attempting to access or download an app, or make a voice call. The Internet, through the development of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) can transmit your call far more cheaply via digital technology than is possible by satellite. As such, Wi-Fi calling on an Android device is one of the cheapest ways to make any form of call, either domestically or internationally.

WiFi prevalence increasing

The great news is that with an increasing number of business premises, town centres, shops, hotels, bars, restaurants and coffee shops all offering free Wi-Fi for their patrons, accessing a Wi-Fi service near you has never been easier. Indeed, there are apps available for download, such as the excellent app from Rebtel, which can locate free Wi-Fi services in your locality, wherever you are based in the world. So to chat and do more on your Android phone, for less, Wi-Fi is the way forward. 3G may provide access from almost anywhere on the planet, but Wi-Fi coverage is growing quickly and it is proving the best way to use your smartphone, more often, more productively, for less.