How to buy a Credit MTU Subscription?

Good news!  We are excited to introduce an upgraded feature to our Mobile Top-Up (MTU) service. As a valued subscriber, you now have the option to opt for our new automatic payment functionality for your MTU transactions.

This enhancement aims to simplify your billing process and ensure uninterrupted service while reducing the hassle of manual payments.

By enrolling in our auto-payment service, your monthly MTU usage fee will be automatically deducted from your registered payment method on the scheduled date, eliminating the need to initiate individual payments each week or month.

This convenient feature lets you enjoy our services without worrying about missed payments or interruptions.

To enroll in the auto-payment service, log in to your account and follow the below instructions:

  1. Go to
  2.  Select the "Services" found in the upper right corner of the screen beside your profile and select "International Mobile Top-Up"

  3. Search the country where you want to send a top-up to

  4. Enter the phone number of your friend/relative in the field and select the desired amount you want to send.

  5. In the payment section, you will be asked for an auto-debit option for your top-up, you have the option to choose whether to renew the MTU every 7,14,28, or 30 days, or you can skip if you wish not to.

  6. Once done, you may proceed to send the payment, and it will be set up according to your choice. 

Note: If you like to cancel your MTU Subscription - Auto-Top Up, You will find the steps here:


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