What are the differences between Credits MTU, Bundles & Plans?


At Rebtel, we strive to keep you effortlessly connected to those who matter at all times, Which is why we have created different products for you to choose which one fits your contact needs. 

As you might noticed we have now 2 more products besides Recharges -Bundles & Plans, if you're still not sure which is the best option for your contact this article will help you decide which is the best for you. 

Let's start by knowing each of our products:

Credits MTU

Formerly known as Recharges/Recargas is when you send phone credits to your family or friends to their prepaid phone with their local provider, This will allow them to call or they can use this credit to buy SMS, Surf the internet depending on their local provider options. 

Cuba Only: Keep in mind that Cubacel has offers from time to time which include SMS, Minutes, and Data for a limited time but this does not mean that Credits MTU includes it. 


Bundles are one of our recently added products, you can send a group of products selected by your local carrier which can include minutes, SMS, and Data.  (Does not include phone credits)


Plans are our latest product added which is why at the moment is only available to iOS users and limited countries, With plans you can send a group of products selected by Rebtel which can include local and international minutes, SMS, and Data. (Does not include phone credits)

Now that you know the differences between our products and what include, is your turn to choose which one is best adapted to your contact's needs. 


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