How can I get a new PIN?

You can get a new PIN anytime you want!

It's super easy! Here’s how to get your new PIN on the website:

  1. Go to My Rebtel and click on "Log in"
  2. Enter your phone number (International format: +....)
  3. Click on "Forgot PIN"
  4. Choose between

    • send me a new PIN (via SMS) 
    • via call if you are using a landline

We will then send you a new pin to your phone. Enter that new pin to log in to your Rebtel account on our website. 

Just a heads up:

Your PIN is only for the website! When you log in to the Rebtel app on your phone, you’ll get a new verification code or an automatic call. Just make sure that the number linked to your Rebtel is the same as the one on your SIM card!

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