How can I keep my Rebtel account safe?

One of our priorities at Rebtel is to keep your account and payments safe at all times!

There are several security measures you can take to assist in protecting your account from any kind of fraud. 

We strongly recommend that you follow these tips to keep your Rebtel account safe at all times: 

  • Call back fraud:

This type of scam occurs when fraudsters make one-ring calls from foreign phone numbers, hoping you will call them back. These scammers have a way to deduct a lot of credit from your account/airtime by billing people who call them back. We strongly advise that you ignore any missed calls from phone numbers you don't recognize. 

  • Blacklisted numbers:

If you receive a call from a number you don't recognize, please don't call back. It could be a blacklisted number. These numbers have been barred for security reasons. If you call a barred number, your account will be barred automatically in order to avoid call back scams. You may also hear a message that we can't connect your call when trying to call a blocked number. 

  • IP Address:

As a cautionary measure, your account will be barred if you place your calls using VPN connections or Proxy services. This might also happen when logging in from a public or shared network (school, work, internet café, etc).

  • Android devices:

We don’t recommend using devices that have been altered (i.e unlock a device to use with other operators). The software used for that purpose will most likely renew your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity/device’s id) and set a “default/generic” ID. These devices could then appear very easily in our system and be barred, especially if your new IMEI is a duplicate IMEI. 

  • Payment:

For security reasons, please avoid sharing your credit card with other users. Remember also that your account will be barred automatically if you use your credit card to make purchases in more than two Rebtel accounts, or you use different cards in a short period of time.

If you change your payment address more than four times, your account will automatically lock in order to protect your credit card from fraudulent payments. If you are not sure what your registered payment address is, then take a look at your bank statement or call your bank.

If your attempt to pay has failed twice and you are sure the information you entered is correct, there might be an error or a technical problem. In this case, please don't try again. Instead, contact support right away. If you continue trying to make payments, your credit card may be blocked for security reasons.  

  • Chargeback:

You can easily check payments in your payment history online or in the app. If you have any concerns regarding your payments, please contact support.

If you decide to open a dispute, you could experience some issues using your credit card on other platforms. Please keep in mind that it can take up to six months to completely clear your dispute history.

You can review your account payment history by tapping on the Menu button and then Account activity. 


Warning.png If you have received a message that your account has been locked or you are unable to call a specific phone number, please contact our support team. There are several reasons why an account might be barred and our security department will have to review your account to make sure everything is ok.

Remember that our system will automatically lock your account if it detects any suspicious activity for your security. Please keep in mind that any misuse or unauthorized use of our services can also lead to your account being barred.

Please take a look at our Terms of service for more information. 


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