I don't use the Rebtel app anymore, how can I avoid being charged?

If you are no longer using our services and your money is still being deducted from your credit card account, you might still be subscribed to one of our products.

Please remember that: 

  • Uninstalling the app does not mean that you have cancelled your subscription.

What is a subscription?

A subscription means to be subscribed. A subscriber receives a service regularly by paying in advance. To be subscribed to a calling plan would be similar as to be subscribed to services such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime or Google Play music. 

A Rebtel subscription renews every 30 days and will remain active until you cancel it. This means that you saved your credit card for this purpose.

Warning.png We always recommend reading the instructions when purchasing a product to avoid any unnecessary or unwanted payments. 


So what do I do now?

Please don't panic! You only need less than 10 minutes to cancel any subscription.

All you have to do is log in and cancel any active subscriptions. We also suggest removing your credit card details from your account.  If you no longer have the need to use Rebtel, we also recommend that you delete your account.


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