How do I change my Rebtel PIN at

Check.pngYou can easily change your PIN by logging in at my Rebtel!

Here’s how you can change your PIN on the website:

  1. Log in to my Rebtel (If you're on the Rebtel homepage, click on your profile picture and then "My account")
  2. Go to your profile picture and click on "Account settings"
  3. Scroll down to find "Change your PIN" section
  4. Enter your current pin
  5. Click on "Next"
  6. Enter your new PIN
  7. Click on "Change PIN" and is done!




Warning.png ​Remember that your PIN only works on the website! Every time you open the app, you will get a new verification code or an automatic call. 

Just make sure that the phone number you enter is the same as the one on your SIM card!

If you need a new PIN just click here! 

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