What countries can I send recharge or mobile top-up to?

What is "Recharge/Recargas"? Send_money.png

With our service "Recharge" you can send AirTime to your family and friends in other countries! Remember that to send a Recharge your contact’s phone should be a prepaid phone. The amount received by your contact can only be used for calls.

Countries you can send Recharge without a commission:

Africa North America Asia
Cameroon Cuba Afghanistan
Egypt Dominican Republic Bangladesh
Gambia Haiti China
Ghana Mexico India
Burkina Faso South America Nepal
Kenya Brazil Pakistan
Nigeria Colombia Singapore
Senegal Europe Thailand
Rwanda Romania UAE


Countries you can send Recharge with fee:

Africa North America Asia
Benin El Salvador Myanmar
DR Congo Guatemala Philippines
Ethiopia Honduras Sri Lanka
Ivory Coast Jamaica Cambodia
South Africa Puerto Rico  
Tanzania South America Europe
Uganda Argentina  Spain
Guinea Bolivia  

Congo (Republic of)

Liberia Ecuador  
Angola  Peru  


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