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No internet needed

Cheap as hell

One billion trusted minutes

With friends and family so far away, we understand that you need the most affordable rates to call India. With Rebtel, our transparent pricing and flexible plans mean calling is easy and stress free. Choose us and enjoy calls to India using real phone lines, without internet.

At a cost of 2.39¢/min, our call rates to India are much less than our competitors at Big telco companies, and without the stuttering 3G of an internet call. And because we’ve hijacked the lines to India, you’ll be free to talk as much as you like without worrying about dropped calls, all for one clear price.

Our credit rates

When you call using World Credits you can expect to use these rates for different services in your country.

Please note that a flat rate applies for a Unlimited deal.

Service Price $10 gets you
Fixed 2.39¢/min 421 min
Mobile 2.39¢/min 421 min

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