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Unlimited calling to Greece for only $10 /month

Greece Unlimited
$10 /month
Call as much as you want to any phone in Greece!
Global Unlimited
$12 /month
Call as much as you want to any phone in Greece and 49 other countries.
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World Credits
Cheapest possible rates to call Greece, 10.0¢/min.
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50 min $5
100 min $10
Mandao Credit
Send Mandao Credit - redeemable for groceries and food delivery - to your friends in Cuba.
It's safe and easy, and they get many delicious options and fast delivery!
Premium and special rate numbers not included.

Unbelievably cheap

Call Greece for as little as 1.9¢ per minute. How? Rebtel connects international calls via local landlines so you always get the best rates for calls to Greece - no data or Wi-Fi needed.

Premium call quality

Say goodbye to dropped calls and crappy connections. Rebtel piggybacks on Greece’s local phone lines, so you can always make cheap international calls with the same call quality you would get if you were making a local call.

No hassle

Call any phone in Greece from any phone. No contract. No commitment. No hassles. Sign up today in less than a minute and start calling Greece.

Calling rates to Greece

When you call using World Credits you can expect to use these rates for different services in Greece.

Please note that a flat rate applies for a Unlimited deal.

ServicePrice$10 gets you
Fixed1.9¢526 min
Mobile10.0¢100 min