Migrating German Access Numbers and Shared Local Numbers


To accommodate changes that have been made to the way EU law enforcement works with telephone operators and VoIP service providers like Rebtel, we're migrating all of our German Shared Local Numbers and Access Numbers to Berlin. 


What is Happening & How Does This Affect Me?

All of our German access numbers and shared local numbers are being retired and replaced with local numbers from Berlin.


Access Numbers

If you were calling using an access number, the number you're used to calling will no longer work, but you can still call with an access number - you just have to dial +493030807474 instead! Please no longer call your old access number, and call the number below instead. 


New Access Number: +493030807474


Shared Local Numbers

If you have been calling with Shared Local Numbers, then all of your saved local numbers have been replaced with Berlin local numbers. This will be done automatically by our system.

If you have these numbers saved please take some time to remove the old numbers and save the new ones. Follow this link to see your new Shared Local Numbers. 





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