Why can't I make Phone Lines calls from Latvia?

What is happening?

Due to a change in the telecom regulations we are no longer able to offer phone line calls from Latvia. The service will be switched off from Wednesday , July 6th, 2022.


You can still call via Rebtel using Wi-fi and data.


Why is this happening?

Changes in telecom regulations was implemented to prevent ongoing scam issues with Latvian numbers from resellers. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to reconnect even for customers with legit businesses such as ours. This is why, for the time being, we have to shut down this feature.


We will continue to investigate avenues, and hopefully we will be able to offer phone line calls again in the future. In the meantime, we will continue offering you the best call quality via Wi-fi and data calls.


How do I keep calling?

You will still be able to call! We will still connect your calls with the best quality through Wi-fi and data calls. To learn more about call set-up your calls with Wi-fi or data check out this article.


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